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In general sex is considered as a taboo subject. But it's the fundamental life force. It can neither be neglected nor be suppressed. Rather it requires a good understanding to walk through the life smoothly. Had sex not been in this world we wouldn't have born here to discuss this topic in the first place !

Osho, in his discourse on ' From Sex to Superconsciousness ' says,
"I say to you if a person can remain in the lovemaking state, can remain in that samadhi, in that submergence for three hours, then one single act of intercourse is enough to free one from sex for the rest of one’s life. It leaves behind such contentment, such an experience of bliss, such awareness, that it lasts a lifetime. After this single act of intercourse one can attain to the stage of real celibacy.
But we never attain celibacy even after a lifetime of sexual indulgence. One reaches a ripe old age, one comes to the end of one’s life, but one is never free from the lust for sex, from the passion for intercourse. Why? It is because we have not understood the art and the science of sex. No one has ever explained it to us nor we have ever thought about it, reflected upon it or discussed it. In our lives no experienced ones have engaged us in a dialogue over it, in a communion over it. We are in a worse situation than animals even."



Osho continues,
"One’s attainment to celibacy from birth in this life is based on the experiences of deep coital union in previous lives and on nothing else. There is no other way. If one has had a profound experience of sex in a previous life, the person will be born free of sex in this life; sex will not disturb the person, even in his imagination. On the contrary, the person will be surprised at how other people behave about sex; the person will be amazed that people are so madly after sex. Such a person will even have to make a conscious effort to distinguish, to differentiate between a man and a woman.

If someone thinks one can simply become a born celibate without any deep experience of sex, that person is wrong; one will become insane, not celibate. Those who try to impose celibacy upon themselves only go insane, they reach nowhere. Celibacy cannot be imposed; celibacy evolves out of the experience of sex. It is the result of some profound experience – and the experience is of sex. If that experience can be had even once, the person is released from sex for the unending journey of lifetimes."

Here is one Osho's masterpiece title - 'Sex Matters: From Sex to Superconsciousness' where he demystifies sex completely.

This book - 'Sex Matters' begins by deconstructing the layers of sexual repression that the condemnation of sex has inflicted on human.

Throughout 'Sex Matters' - in response to questions about everything from jealousy to premature ejaculation, the role of intimacy and the differences between men and women - Osho proposes a vision that embraces sex as a fundamental gift from nature.

We learn how orgasm offers a glimpse of timelessness, thoughtlessness, and pure awareness - biology's way of pointing toward the consciousness that helps us to understand ourselves.

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Whatever people generally call as 'love/lust/sex', tends to be between man and woman because nature has created a certain attraction between man and woman. This attraction is crucial for the survival of the race.

When a man and a woman or a lion and a lioness get into the act due to physical urge...the intelligent Nature completes its job silently i.e., procreation and perpetuation of the race !

Vital information on 'Sex in Drug Free Living'

Yogis and mystics are the most sexual people. Because they work consciously and directly with the sex energy for their transformation, enlightenment and Mukthi (liberation). But the other people unconsciously get into the act again and again just out of compulsion / circumstances and lose the point miserably.

Khajuraho sculpture

A sculpture in Khajuraho

   Even in temples like Khajuraho explicit sexual positions were sculptured. And in few temples young ladies (Devadasis) danced in front of many people. These things attracted huge crowd because of the mad pull towards sex. But all these things were done to lure as many people as possible into temples so that atleast some of them would feel the divinity in some moment within the temple. That was the ultimate purpose.

Osho was one of the boldest men in the world who talked about sex in detail. His spontaneous discourses on a gamut of topics were compiled into around 600 volumes of books. But he became world famous mainly due to his single volume on 'From sex to superconsciousness' !
That's the power of sex. Everyone is curious about sex. It's the life force.

He knew that sex is the most attractive subject through which he can catch the maximum number of people. He wanted to demystify that subject too. He suggested ways in which one can fully indulge in sex with complete awareness so that one can be free from that physical act sooner or later one day. He used it only as a platform to bring awareness and to transform the lives of many people.



   Osho, in his discourse on ' From Sex to Superconsciousness ' says,

"I have been amazed – I have come across prostitutes, but they never ask anything about sex. They inquire about the soul and about god. I also come across many ascetics, monks and holy men, and whenever we are alone they ask about nothing but sex. I have been amazed to learn that ascetics and your so-called sannyasins who are always preaching against sex, seem to be troubled and obsessed by sex in their minds. In public they sermonize about the soul and about god, but inside they have the same problem as others. It is bound to be so, it is only natural, because we have never tried to understand the problem.

We have never tried to know the fundamentals of this energy and we have never asked why there is such a great attraction to sex. There certainly lies some mystery in it and it is necessary to understand it. Perhaps then we can even go beyond it.
The first thing is that attraction for sex in the very being of humans is not actually an attraction for sex. The sexual desire in the very core of humans is actually not a sexual desire. That is why after every sex act, they feel remorseful, they feel unhappy, depressed. They think about how to be free of it, because they find nothing in it. Perhaps the attraction is of something else. And that attraction has a very religious significance to it.

The attraction is this.…In their normal life, humans are unable to reach the depths of their being except in the experience of sex. In their daily routine, they have a variety of experiences – the shop, the business, earning their living, earning fame – but only the experience of sexual intercourse takes them to the deepest in their being.

Deep down two things happen to them there.

First, in the moment of orgasm the ego vanishes. Egolessness emerges. For a moment, there is no ego; for a moment, no trace of even “I am.” Did you know that the “I” also dissolves completely in the ultimate experience of religion, that in religion the ego also dissolves into nothingness? In the sexual act the ego fades away momentarily, one forgets if one is or not, the feeling of “my-ness” disappears briefly.

The second thing that happens is that for a while there is no time there. Timelessness emerges. Jesus Christ has said of enlightenment, “There shall be time no longer.” In the experience of enlightenment, there is no time at all. It is beyond time. There is no past, no future; there is only the present. This is the second thing that happens in the experience of sex – there remains no past, no future; time also vanishes for a moment.

These two are the most important elements of religious experience: egolessness and timelessness. And these two elements are what account for humans’ mad pull toward sex. The craving is not for the body of a woman by a man or for the body of a man by a woman, not at all. The craving is for something else – for the taste of egolessness and timelessness. But why this craving for being timeless and egoless? Because no sooner than the ego disappears, there is a glimpse of the soul; no sooner than time disappears, there is a glimpse of god. This glimpse is only for a brief moment, but man is ready to lose any amount of energy for it.

Afterwards he laments the loss of his energy, for its wastage, because he knows that the more his energy dissipates the closer his death comes. In some species of animals, males die after one act of intercourse. A particular insect in Africa can go into sexual intercourse only once; its energy dissipates and it dies during the intercourse itself. It has become known to man long ago that intercourse dissipates his energy, lessens his life-energy and brings death that much nearer. After each experience he regrets his indulgence, but in a short while he feels the same craving again. Certainly there is some other meaning behind this craving which must be understood.

There is a religious experience, a spiritual experience involved behind the craving for sex. If we can become aware of that experience we can go beyond sex. If not, we will live in sex and die in sex.

Those who oppose sex blindly are never able to catch hold of that experience. They will never be able to analyze what this insatiable desire in us, this craving in us, is actually for.

I wish to emphasize that this strong and recurring pull toward sex is for experiencing the momentary state of samadhi, the no-mind, the superconsciousness it brings. And you can be free of sex only on the day when you start having the experience of samadhi, no-mind, without sex.

That is why I say that human beings had their first experience of samadhi, of the no-mind or superconsciousness, in the experience of sex. But that is an experience at a high cost, at a very high cost. Secondly, that experience does not last longer than a moment; after a momentary glimpse we return again to our original position. We fall back to our original position minus a considerable amount of power and energy."

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