Tobacco Smoking, Chewing and Health Effects

The first wealth is health. 

Tobacco smoking and chewing have their own harmful health effects.

Before the arrival of cigarettes tobacco consumption was mainly by chewing. Even now some baseball players chew tobacco since they think cigarette smoking is more harmful !

Now there is one new marketing gimmick to fool the people, advertised as smokeless tobacco / spit tobacco / snuff / snus which is again consumed orally.

Nevertheless the oral consumption in any form (chewing, snus, etc), it ultimately mixes nicotine in the blood stream. Eventually this habit will result in few or all of the complications listed below:

  • Cracking and bleeding lips and gums
  • Receding gums, which can eventually result in teeth fall out
  • Periodontal bone loss
  • Increased heart rate and irregular heart beats
  • Cancer, particularly of the mouth and throat

In the above section we've seen the ill-effects of oral consumption of tobacco. Now let's see the risks of smoking tobacco which is the main mode of consumption.

Don't get offended by this overstated quote. Many intellectuals and professionals also smoke. But they are just unaware of or perhaps ignored the following very basic fact in our respiratory system.

"Lungs require oxygen but definitely not nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide !"

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Advantages of Quitting Smoking

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