Illicit Drugs and Euphoria !

A healthy outside starts from the inside. 

'Illicit' things are always sensational !!! So are illicit drugs.

Illicit drugs/illegal drugs are psychotropic substances which interfere with the brain function and resulting in changes in perception, mood, consciousness and behavior.

Examples - marijuana, hashish, cocaine, ecstasy, opium, heroin, meth, LSD and many more.

An Afghan Opium Poppy Field
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However some of these drugs are legally allowed for medical and clinical purposes in some countries.

And few groups used these drugs to achieve greater spiritual experiences unaware of/not bothered about the side effects !

Even few so called godmen are addicted to these drugs.

Lacerated Crying Poppy !

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Now let's see the impact of these drugs on our system.

Our body is as sacred as a worship place. It's the greatest instrument we are gifted with, to achieve higher goals -be it material or spiritual. Isn't it ?

In this precious body we have so many complicated systems functioning in coherence. One of such interesting systems is the nervous system.

These illegal drugs / psychotropic drugs whatever the way/form they are taken in, they work with the nervous system-neurons, stimulate or depress the same resulting in temporary relief/euphoria.

They are addictive in nature. (Again there are many de-addiction centres / rehabilitation centres / drug rehabs functioning in all the's a different story altogether)

And the side effects of these drugs are horrific. The researches conducted in the field of Neuropsychopharmacology and allied disciplines list the side effects as below:

Dry mouth Blurred vision Constipation
Urinary complications Headache Weight loss/gain
Nausea Sedation Insomnia
Agitation Anxiety Loss of appetite
Increased heart rate Heartburn Cardiac problems
Excessive drowsiness Memory impairment Depression and Dependence
Inability to achieve orgasm Decreased libido Auditory hallucinations

And the most painful thing is...

Mother's intake of illegal drugs / psychotropic medication during pregnancy results in serious side effects such as birth deformities, low birth weight, premature birth and much more.

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