Importance of Drug Free Living

   With increasing work pressures, commitments and hectic lifestyles, we often fail to pay attention to our health.

It's become very common that if we encounter any discomfort we just tend to pop out a pill and try to move on.

Is this a right practice? What are the side effects of these drugs in our daily life? Can we achieve something called drug free living? If so, how?

That's what this site is all about. Thanks for visiting. Welcome !

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

~Mahathma Gandhiji

Here is an interesting news:

Women 'Viagra' to hit the shelves soon !

Washington, May 24: Good news for women who want to perk up the action in their bedrooms. The Food and Drug Administration committee is mulling over endorsing the first pill designed to do for women what Viagra does for men-boost their sex lives.

Well...this may be a sensational news. But, alas ! senseless we became in this modern era ! How miserable we made our lives and health of late !

Even the so called five-sense creatures have excellent libido, love-making and procreation abilities. But we the six-sense human beings made our lives so chaotic that we need chemicals for the very basic instinct !!!

We are not bothered about how these drugs are going to affect our nervous system in the long run. Nor do the drug companies & administration agencies.

Stimulants can keep a person on a temporary high. That's it. The after-effects are painful. No doubt.

If we use a bit of our intelligence we can shun all these chemicals and can achieve drug free living in a very natural way.

It's not a rocket science. Here are the steps for a blissful drug free living:

1. Respecting the laws-of-nature
2. Good balance of diet, exercise and sleep
3. Practice of breathing techniques, Yoga and Meditation

Our life is in our hands ! 

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease. ~Buddha


Here is another news:

FDA Warns About Bone Breaks And Antacid(heartburn) Drugs

If you take the most popular kind of antacid drug, you might be increasing your risk of a broken bone.

The Food and Drug Administration warns that people who take drugs known as proton pump inhibitors such as Nexium, for more than a year or use high doses have higher rates of hip, wrist and spine fractures.

Good...this time FDA has warned the general public about the health effects of drugs.

Acid indigestion and heartburn plague about a third of the U.S. population. About 100 million Americans experience heartburn every month.

America alone consumes a major portion of world's antacid production.

Pity...We,the humans just don't care about what to eat, when to eat, how to eat and how much to eat !!!

Wrong eating habits cause heartburn for which antacid drugs may provide a temporary relief. But the serious side effect of antacids is brittle bones !!!

Not only antacid drugs...every drug has its own side effect.

Shouldn't we wake up atleast by now?!

It's the birth right of every living being to lead a healthy and joyful life in a natural way, without depending on any form of drugs viz. prescription drugs, illicit drugs, tobacco, alcohol or any other form of stimulant.

Our body is so wonderfully designed to recuperate from any illness by its own, provided we apply some common sense.

Drug free living is quite possible !

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