Naturopathy and Drug Free Living

Life is not living, but living in health.

Naturopathy is a system of treatment which recognizes the existence of the vital curative force within the body.

Naturopathy is based on the fact that the body is self-healing. The body will repair itself and recover from illness automatically if it is in a healthy environment. Naturopaths have many remedies and recommendations for creating a healthy environment.

The naturopathic philosophy is to stimulate the healing power of the body and treat the underlying cause of disease. Symptoms of disease are seen as warning signals of improper functioning of the body and unfavourable lifestyle habits. Naturopathic Medicine emphasizes disease as a process rather than as an entity.

Principles of Naturopathy

Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates who lived in 400 B.C. believed in viewing the whole person in regards to finding the cause of a disease and using the laws of nature to induce cure. It was from this original school of thought that Naturopathy takes its principles.



Here are the six principles derived from the works of Hippocrates that form the basis of Naturopathy:

1) Do no harm. Naturopathic physicians respect the human body. They use non-invasive treatment methods to minimize harmful side-effects. Suppression of symptoms is also avoided to prevent interference with the diagnostic healing processes.

2) Harness the healing power of nature. The body has the inherent ability to heal itself. The naturopathic doctor simply supports and facilitates the healing process.

3) Treat the whole person. Naturopathic medicine recognizes that the harmonious functioning of mind, body and spirit is essential for true health. The naturopath caters the treatment plan to each individual’s unique disease process.

4) Practise prevention. Prevention is the best medicine. Naturopathic physicians take great care to educate patients on the necessary lifestyle
changes needed to prevent disease.

5) Identify and treat the cause. When you remove the cause, you remove the obstacle.

6) View doctors as teachers. Naturopaths teach patients the cause of their disease and encourage self-responsibility in health.

Views of Naturopathy on diseases and their cure

* Except for traumatic and environmental conditions, the cause of all diseases is one, that is the accumulation of morbid matter in the body and its elimination from the body is treatment.

* The primary cause of disease is not bacteria or virus. Bacteria and virus enter and survive in the body only after the accumulation of morbid matter and a favourable atmosphere for their growth is established in the body. Hence the basic cause is morbid matter.

* Acute diseases are self healing efforts of the body. Hence they are our friends. Chronic diseases are outcome of wrong treatment and suppression of the acute diseases.

* Naturopathy does not use medicines. According to Naturopathy “Food is the medicine". 

Naturopathy treatment methods

Naturopathic treatments include hydrotherapy, mud therapy, fasting therapy, manipulative therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, yoga, diet etc,.
Hydrotherapy: Treating with water in the form of compress, packs, fomentation, various tub baths, water massages, aquatic exercises, enema and colon hydrotherapy.

Mud therapy: Mud is one of the five elements of nature which contains important minerals which have positive effects on human health. Mud can absorb toxins if it is applied over the body. It is also known for its healing properties. It also helps in cooling and relaxing the body as it can hold moisture for a long time.

Fasting Therapy: Fasting is the supreme cure. Therapeutic fasting in which specific juices/soups are given as per disease condition helps in elimination of the toxins by giving rest to the digestive system and enhancing the healing properties within our system.

Manipulative therapy: It includes various therapeutic massages like oil massage, vibro massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage and Kairali massage.

Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy is a branch of rehabilitative medicine aimed at helping patients maintain, recover or improve their physical abilities. The treatments are given for pain management and better mobility.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a Chinese system of medicine. Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine and thin needles at specific points (acupoints) on the surface of the body through skin. Needling the acupuncture points influence the meridians, unblock the obstructions and re-establish the energy flow through the meridians thus helps in balancing the energy and treating the diseases. Acupuncture is very effective in pain management, anxiety, depression, diabetes, hypertension, spondylosis, arthritic conditions of all joints.

Yoga: Yoga is an ancient, extremely subtle science, that unites the body, mind and soul. Yoga establishes harmony between body and mind which leads to healthy and disease free life. The therapeutic use of yoga is well known. Yoga therapy primarily comprises of yogic kriyas, asanas, pranayama, trataka (eye exercises), meditation and relaxation techniques.

Diet: "Let food be your medicine, and let your medicine be food."- Hippocrates

Diet plays a vital role in Nature cure regimen, as it believes that ‘you are what you eat’. Special attention is given in this area.

                             - Courtesy : Jindal Naturecure Institute (JNI)

Jindal Naturecure Institute (JNI)

Jindal Naturecure Institute (JNI)

There are several renowned Naturopathy treatment centers throughout the world. One among them is Jindal Naturecure Institute (JNI), formerly INYS, spread across 100 acres on the outskirts of Bangalore - India which was established in 1979 by Dr. Sitaram Jindal as a center for drugless cure through naturopathy.

Today, the worldwide acclaim of JNI backed by over one lakh satisfied patients, stand testimony to the immense power of nature to cure various diseases without any medicines, injections, invasive surgeries etc,.

Diseases like asthma, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, migraine, abdomen/liver problems, cancer (upto 2nd stage) are being treated here successfully.

Nearly 25% of the inmates/patients are given highly subsidised treatment, which includes free food and accommodation. The institute has also reserved 40 beds for extending free services to the poor. It's very rare to see such organizations.

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