Alcohol Awareness

Without health, life is not life.

Alcohol addiction, alcoholism and dependence are the popular terms we hear daily. All these terms mean the same and are concerned with a person who is abusing it.

Here is one famous quote from Francis Scott K.Fitzgerald:
"First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink,
then the drink takes you !"

And there are some notions like, "Moderate drinking won't affect the health". hmmm...

Now let's see the story of a father-son duo and how they achieved this so called moderation in drinking.
It happened like this...a father who was a great drinker, took enough care so that his son was not into that habit. But problem started when his son joined a job after his college. Since that firm was a corporate major there used to be a lot of parties where many people drank.

The son, a teetotaler, was very much embarrassed. Even he was told many times that moderate drinking wouldn't affect his health. And finally the son decided to take the plunge.

He was so attached to his father that he explained him about the circumstances which led to his decision. And the father was thoughtful for sometime and told, "Ok, my son, it looks like it's inevitable to you. You can drink, but one thing... You shouldn't cross the limits. So I'll teach you how to drink moderately."

The son was very happy and excited.

The father took him to his regular bar and they had few drinks too. Now the father started to give drinking lessons. "My dear son, listen carefully...moderation is the key while drinking", he showed his son the other table and continued, "You must stop exactly when these four people sitting at the next table start appearing as eight".

The son looked around and whispered, "Dad, it's only two of them over there !". :D

Now let's come to the much debated topic in alcohol consumption. There are some reports in the air stating, "Moderate drinking is good for your health. It prevents several heart ailments due to the relaxation it provides".

Is booze a must to prevent any heart disease ? Should everyone take it as a medicine ?! No, not at all.
If it's a must then the powerful Mother Nature which created us would've secreted few drops of alcohol in the breast milk ! Isn't it ?

Well...liquor induces sedation and results in some feeling of relaxation and euphoria.

But don't we have better ways to relax? For example Yoga asanas, Pranayama and Meditation relax the body and mind in a much positive way without any side-effect, side-dish and hang-overs !

Liquor is preferred by many to temporarily escape from the present and the issues.

Why should one escape from the present? Can one solve a simplest issue by doing so? Rather, being aware in the present could prevent / solve major complications. True...Isn't it ?
Had the political and corporate think-tanks shunned alcohol and had clear vision, planning & execution, the world wouldn't have slipped into mad recession. Millions of jobs could've been saved.
Serious effects of drinking and recovery
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