Laws of Nature in Drug Free Living

Family, nature and health all go together.

Though the 'laws of nature' apply in a bigger perspective let's see their significance related to drug free living.

  • Praying to God alone and taking no efforts - this won't work.
  • Falling ill is good ! It's the clean-up process in the body by Mother Nature.
    The system is trying to throw out the accumulated toxins.
    It's the indication that body's immune system is working.

    It's better not to take medicines which treat only the symptoms and suppress the root cause.

    Rather take rest, take plenty of water, fruits & juices and give sometime for the body to recuperate. And be happy with the natural curing process.
  • "Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food."- Hippocrates (ancient Greek physician)
  • Miracles are not possible for a drug free, healthy living. Things have to be built brick by brick.
  • We and only we are responsible for our present state.
  • Our body has got wonderful, natural self-curative ability. Medicine is not required in around 70% of the cases.
    The rest 30% being the kids, elders and emergency cases where medication might be necessary.

  • Every thought that arises in our mind has a corresponding impact on our physical system.
  • Most of the diseases are psycho-somatic. Psychosomatic means mind (psyche) and body (soma). There is a mental connection to a physical disease.

  • Intelligence in animals is limited to some extent. But human intelligence is an ultimate one.

    Naturally we have the power to CREATE our environment & circumstances whereas the animals are DRIVEN by circumstances.

    We can determine which is good for our body & mind and we can make wise choices like what to eat, when to eat, how to eat and how much to eat, etc.

  • Too much food we eat - too much time we spend in toilet !

  • Work in a day & sleep at night. Night-shift workers...beware !
    You are completely reversing your biological clock and hence the circadian rhythm. Certain hormones like melatonin are secreted only in darkness.

  • Sedentary lifestyle is risky. Some sort of physical activity is always good.
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