OTC Drug, Prescription Drug Abuse Hazards

Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account. 

Here let's see the hazards and side effects of over-the-counter(OTC) and prescription drug abuse.

Prescription drugs are those which require a physician's prescription to buy them from drug stores.

Whereas over-the-counter drugs are a few less critical drugs which don't require a prescription.

However the guidelines for classifying the drugs into prescription and over-the-counter ones vary from country to country.

Nevertheless many prescription drugs are sold without prescription in many countries !

Many people have the habit of taking prescription/OTC drugs just for simple ailments like cold, head-ache, fever, indigestion, constipation, blood pressure, insomnia etc.

Initially they may start these drugs with minimum dosage.

But over the period of time their illness may not respond to this and subsequently they need to keep on increasing the dosage to feel comfortable.

That's it ! Caught in the vicious cycle.

As far as they know it's just a drug use. But if we look from our system's perspective it's a pure OTC or prescription drug abuse.

Here we need to understand few basic points:

  1. The ailments like cold, fever, head-ache are just symptoms. They are warning signals from our physical system.

    That's how the physical system can talk, You see !

    The system, through symptoms, says 'Hey, something is wrong inside, please correct it !!!'.

  2. The root cause might be the imbalance due to lack of sleep/rest, physical/emotional stress, improper food at improper time etc.
  3. These drugs especially the allopathy ones(aka English medicine) least bother about the root cause.

    Instead they try to bring down the symptom by chemical effects which may give some relief which is temporary.

  4. Beware ! ...body's signals are misinterpreted, symptoms are treated chemically, the root cause is not touched upon and it accumulates silently. Really a ticking time bomb !!!
  5. These drugs are just laboratory chemical compositions and hence they definitely cause side effects in the body and/or mind.

    To cure those side effects again new drugs are prescribed !!! Total mess !!!

Even few people, who really don't have any ailment, take cold & cough syrups just to get some sedation. It's again an example for OTC drug or prescription drug abuse.

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