Prescription Drug Side Effects

In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties. 

Taking prescription drugs or OTC drugs may just appear as a simple thing. But the mindless practice of popping out a pill or an injection for everything would result in serious OTC or prescription drug side effects.

* What else could be a better lesson for us than the tragic end happened to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson ?

In his life time he took wide variety of medicines / drugs and finally he had cardiac arrest.

He was a great Pop star outside. But his personal life was so miserable that just to get sleep he needed propofol, a powerful anesthetic administered intravenously. Many celebrities live their life in such a pitiable fashion.

This drug propofol along with two anti-anxiety drugs lorazepam and midazolama were administered to MJ before his death. This turned out to be the lethal dose and we lost him.

* At this juncture it's worth narrating one incident which happened in front of our eyes in the neighborhood.

A woman in her early 40's was very active taking care of her family and her work in a manufacturing facility nearby. Suddenly one day she collapsed and it was diagnosed as renal failure.

And after struggling for few weeks she passed away since her family couldn't afford a kidney transplant :-(

Everyone was puzzled. How could this happen, all of a sudden, to such a hard working woman who looked very healthy ?!

But some investigation revealed that she had the habit of using over-the-counter drugs for every small discomfort like head-ache, cold, tiredness and stomach cramps. OTC drug or prescription drug abuse !

And she continued this practice for few years and no doubt ...the side effect is kidney failure.

* Some prescription drugs are as bad as booze !!!

Prescription drugs used as muscle relaxants, pain killers and anti-depression drugs are highly dangerous when the consumer of the same is behind the wheels.

These drugs bring down the alertness and slow down the reaction time. Sometimes they induce the risk taking behavior too. And they spoil the ability to judge distances and presence of mind.

A classic example is the one which happened in New York in May 2010 where Kathryn Underdown riding her bicycle near Hunter Avenue in Miller Place was mowed down by Nicole Shellard who was under the influence of such prescription drugs.

Beware ! All these drugs are chemicals and they are not without side effects. And prolonged use of these would have very serious side effects.

Time to wake up !!!

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