Vegetarian diet and Drug Free Living

Cutting meat out of your diet is the best thing you can do for animals and your own health.

Man - a herbivore(vegetarian) or a carnivore(non-vegetarian) ?

Billion dollar question...please go through the scientific proofs given below to decide it by yourself.

Teeth of a lionTeeth of a human
A carnivore (for example lion) has teeth which are well adapted for killing its prey and eating it. The teeth can puncture, cut and tear the meat.A herbivore (for example cow, human) has a completely different dental system which is suitable for vegetarian diet.
A carnivore has jaw which is not capable of moving side-to-side. So it cannot chew food but swallow it in chunks.A herbivore can chew (masticate) well.
A carnivore has shorter digestive tract so that the meat which decays rapidly, passes out fast.A herbivore has longer digestive tract where the slow decaying vegetarian food can pass through and out comfortably, after absorbing all the nutrients.
Digestive tract which is also called as alimentary Canal or gastrointestinal tract or GI tract begins at the mouth and ends at the anus. And it is 30 feet long in humans.

Here are few more points to take up vegetarianism as a lifestyle:

  • Animals have central nervous system (brain and spine) and the pain felt by them while getting killed is indescribable. Probably we may understand the pain if we go under the guillotine !

    Please watch this PETA's video to understand the sufferings these animals undergo.

    Whereas plants don't have central nervous system and the pain felt by them is relatively less.
  • When animals are slaughtered, fear, agitation and aggression hormones are secreted into their bloodstream and they remain in the muscle tissues even after killing.

    And when one consumes this meat loaded with all negative elements, the same (fear, agitation and aggression) is reflected in his system too.

  • Carnivorous animals are well known for their aggression and violence whereas herbivorous animals are relatively calm. So what kind of persons do we want to be ? Please think...
  • People who eat vegetarian diets have the lowest rates of cancer in the world. A vegetarian diet comes closest to the dietary guidelines for fight against cancer published by the National Cancer Institute of USA.
  • Each and every living being has an inner urge (and equal right just as we do) to live in this world. No one has the authority to intervene in this fundamental right.

    If we intervene then we are going against nature and we need to pay the price/compromise physically, mentally and spiritually. This is law of nature.

  • Few may escape by saying..."I don't kill. Butcher does it. I just eat". But the point is that the butcher sinks his knife only to cater to our need. We are the end customers. So if we don't eat he doesn't kill too !
  • In vegetarian diet itself we can get all the nutrients if we combine the food intelligently. For example we can get our daily requirement of Vitamin B12 from milk, curd and yogurt intakes.

    And there is no need to chase after a poor animal to grab its liver for our Vitamin B12 requirement !

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of The Art of Living says,"When you become subtle in your mind and go deeper in your heart, you turn vegetarian naturally.”

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